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This class is available for caregivers of children or adolescents who have a history of sexual abuse. This class begins with general information about sexual abuse, including the definition, statistics, why it is important to be knowledgeable, and why it is important to address (rather than not talking about it). The course also stresses self-care, finding support for oneself, and prevention. Please contact me for more information.
The class covers the following topics:
  • Myths about child sexual abuse
  • "Normal" vs problematic child sexual behavior and development
  • Signs of possible sexual abuse
  • Grooming
  • Factors that influence recovery from child sexual abuse
  • The stages of grief applied to child sexual abuse
  • What sexual abuse teaches a child about the world and other people
  • Helpful responses to disclosures of abuse
  • Protective factors for the home
This class can also be modified for different audiences and populations, who are also seeking education about this topic. This class is not for perpetrators of sexual abuse.
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